Inclusive Playground - Patch Reef

Inclusive Playground - Patch Reef

A new playground where all can play is coming soon to Patch Reef.

The new inclusive playground will replace the Pirates Cove playground, located in the western portion of Patch Reef between the softball fields and the basketball courts.

This latest playground is designed to allow children of all abilities to play together, while giving parents and caretakers more options for their young ones' fun and safety.

Nearly all of the current playground's natural features - including grasses, trees and rocks - will remain. Climbing structures, swings and slides will have softer artificial turf underneath, along with shade structures above for year-round comfort.

The existing splash pad will receive a makeover, adding new interactive elements. And a new Bankshot Basketball feature that exposes children to the sport in a non-competitive manner via adjustable hoops and different carnival-style games will be installed.

Features like a wheelchair-compatible swing set and slides mounted on grassy hills rather than ladders afford easier access for children of all abilities.

For parents, additional benches afford better, shaded, sight lines for monitoring their child's play. There will be completely new picnic areas, restroom facilities and additional ADA parking.

A fence will surround the entire playground area to keep curious children from wandering unsupervised into different areas of the park.

District Commissioners approved the playground's design at a November, 2023 meeting.

The District has entered the City of Boca Raton's site plan approval process. 

Eight-year-old Jordan Ogman's battle with TECPR2 provided the inspiration for the project. When the Ogman family petitioned District Commissioners for a playground more suitable to Jordan's abilities and those of other differently abled children, Commissioners acted quickly to approve the request.

Jordan's parents, David and Stacey Ogman, remained active in the project by consulting with District officials and architects from Walters Zackria during the playground's design phase. 

Read more about Jordan Ogman and the need for a more inclusive playground here.

Artist interpretation of part of the upcoming inclusive park

An artist interpretation of part of the upcoming inclusive park, with Jordan Ogman (inset).

Jordan Ogman swings at Patch Reef Park surrounded by family and District Commissioner Steve Engel

Jordan Ogman swings at Patch Reef Park surrounded by family and District Commissioner Steve Engel.